One of these is not like the others.

Look at this photo. Which one is not like the others?


Diary Entry: Why Transit was lost

 [This is a diary entry I made on 02|07|2015; Please do not email me about grammatical errors] When the transit referendum results were released, I thought long and hard for why they lost. First, they focused on way too many points. They tried to make it applicable to everyone, to seem as if everyone benefits.…

Non-Scientific Study: 25.6% Cycling Increase after Burrard Bridge + Point Grey Improvements

December 2012. Due to the apocalypse, the weather is considerably rainy, and cycling numbers across Vancouver decrease from December 2011. You might think, looking at the decreasing cycling numbers, that cycling is becoming less popular, but it’s not. It’s the weather that caused the decrease. The better way to compare cycling trends in to comparing…