About Me

Hi, I’m Kyle.

I’m 17, a happy urbanite, raised and living in the heart of Downtown Vancouver.

My Interests:

  • Bikes
    • Riding Bikes
  • Transit
    • Design Transit Networks, Routes, Bus Mechanics, Planning, and Operation of Transit
  • Urban Issues
    • City Vitality, Urban Life, Urban Transport, Urban Design, Health, Crime, Civic Services
  • -Observing Things
    • Observing People, Interpersonal communication techniques, Nature, Puzzles
  • -Politics
    • Analysing Elections, Public Polling, Advertizements, Campaigns and Polictical Science
  • -Psychology
    • Ways of Thinking, Brain Development, Theory of Mind, Brain Theories
  • -Chess
    • Playing Chess
  • -Mozart
    • Listening to Mozart
  • -Reading
    • Reading Blogs and Books on the interests above
  • -Writing
    • Blogging, and Writting articles and in the future books.
  • -Learning
    • Personal Development, and new ideas and Points of View

I also love my schedule, even though I’m not fully adapted yet :).

I have posted a series of articles about myself: 1) [Click] 2) [Click] 3) [Click] 4) [Click] 5) [Click] 6) [Click]

-Kyle Zheng -2013

mail: 257vancouver@gmail.com

Twitter: @257van

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. That was really good analysis of the election outcome, especially how soon it was done after the election.
    Pollsters weeks later have identified low turnout by young voters as the key factor in the unexpected outcome and I say that was largely because of the glaring absence of an aggressive job-creation strategy from the BC NDP’s pathetic platform.

  2. Thank’s so much for the compliments. I think I’ll need to write more about politics when time permits because it seems to be of interest. I think it’s incorrect to blame pollsters outright for their miss.
    Low voter turnout is due to lack of interest, and I’ll explain that sooner or later.


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