Non-Scientific Study: 25.6% Cycling Increase after Burrard Bridge + Point Grey Improvements


Map of Burrard Bridge & Point Grey Bikeway Improvements

December 2012. Due to the apocalypse, the weather is considerably rainy, and cycling numbers across Vancouver decrease from December 2011. You might think, looking at the decreasing cycling numbers, that cycling is becoming less popular, but it’s not. It’s the weather that caused the decrease.

The better way to compare cycling trends in to comparing bike numbers in different locations to find patterns. If cycling on the Burrard Bridge increases 45% while cycling on Hornby, Dunsmuir decreased 5%, we know there is some other factor other than weather affecting cycling numbers.


Below, we compared the Burrard Bridge numbers to the Dunsmuir cycling numbers as the baseline. So did the new greenway in Point Grey and improvements on Burrard Bridge increase cycling?

Yes. Relative to the Dunsmuir bike lanes, after both the Point Grey greenway was opened and the Burrard Bridge construction was completed, cycling increased an average of 25.6%.

Bike Lane Counts

Yearly Change in Cycling Levels: Burrard Bridge, Dunsmuir Street, Dunsmuir Viaduct

Bike Lane Comparison

Difference between changes in cycling levels on Burrard Bridge vs Dunsmuir


City Cycling Data:
Excel Spreadsheet: here