Learning HTML

If you’re a web developer, there are many things that you must know. HTML is one of them.

Until now, I’ve fully relied on wordpress technology or weebly, which are wonderful, but has their limits. To fully understand and customize my websites, html is a must.

What is HTML?

Html is the standard computer-language that you use to write text on all webpages. Yes, almost all the text you see on the internet is html. HTML gives you many different functions and capabilities such as forms, clickable images, push buttons!!!, and multiple framesets. Wow!

HTML is a very high-level, human readable language that uses tags that look like <b> or <p> which specify bold and paragraph respectively.

HTML is very easy to learn, and can be applied in many online situations, including writing comments and blog posts.

Learning HTML?

The best way you learn anything is by applying theory you’ve learnt to practical situations. As such, I have started another new website at 257van.comuf.com on a free webhost with the goal of mastering html and practicing my web developing skills. Check me out there!

GRRR. . . I keep forgetting the <p> tag!