How Transit Works: Parts to the Transit Network — Video

Being a Transit Enthusiast in Vancouver is both a blessing and extremely frustrating.

On one hand, you know that Vancouver has undoubtedly the best transit network in North America. Much of our city is built around transit, and the best part is that we have one transit agency that connects the entire region… not two, not four, not ten.

On the other hand, almost no Vancouverites feel grateful for their awesome transit network: instead, they resort to transit bashing and criticize every decision. Worst of all, not a single politician recognizes the dire need for transit funding.

Vancouver: A world class city built around an outstanding Transit Network…

When a transit enthusiast sees a world class transit system, and then hears the scrimmage over petty issues such as transit funding, frustration results.

But I prefer to keep an open mind. Politicians aren’t evil, they just need a bit of encouragement and we must help them make sane decisions. Helping them understand how transit works is a step forward.

This video is not perfect. It’s much more negative than I initially envisioned, but I hope that it helps clarify some transit issues and moves discussion forward.

After all, it’s my third video, and I’m happy I got it done. Keep your eyes open for more videos coming up!