What Will be Cut to Pay for Translink’s Improvments?

The C90, originally on this map, Terminated. What’s next on the chopping block?

Sometimes, the Anticipation is Worse than the Event. So I decided to guess what the Mayors and Transit Geeks alike are demanding to know: What will be cut.

First, here were the cuts in September:
A handful of Community Shuttles including the C90, C26, C40, C1, C2 etc.

At least 50,000 hours must be cut in December. This isn’t drops in the bucket, this is real cash, more than $5 million per year. Also, some 98 million in efficiencies have reportedly been found.

Community shuttles don’t cost much, so little can be saved by cutting them. Bigger moves must be made.

Side Note: This is so depressing that there is a need to even consider this, and with the Universities giving even more transit riders than ever with the U pass, We CANNOT afford service cuts.

But Alas.. So here’s my educated guess.

* * *

Specific Ideas: (Please Help Improve this List)

  • Vancouver/Burnaby:
    • Releasing the 49 from the detour to 54th.
    • Short Cutting the 8 and 20 away from downtown.
    • 100 service decreased to 15 minutes.
    • 134, 136, 116, 101 and 110 into community shuttles, and/or decreasing service.
  • Surrey/White Rock/Langley:
    • 321 service adjustments (decreases) in exchange for the B-Line
    • 340 cut to 30 minute service.
  • Richmond/Delta:
    • C98 will surely be the next Lulu Island bus on the chopping block, with the 410 making a short detour to serve the area.
    • C96 removed midday
    • 404 and 405 cut back, removed or shortened
    • C87, C88 down to 1hr service midday
  • North Shore: I can’t find anything to cut, or else it would affect the pulses at Phibbs and Lonsdale.
    • A possibility would be to run a dedicated articulated express bus from Phibbs to CapU, diverting the demand of the 255, and 239 onto the articulated bus (I want to number it 245). This would require ONE bus that loops every 15 minutes, whilst increasing the capacity up the mountain like the 145.
  • Coquitlam/Maple Ridge:
    • 177 uses community Shuttles.