British Columbia’s Rob Ford: Derek Corrigan

For those who care for politics, those two pictures above are 2 different people. Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford, and Burnaby’s Mayor Derek Corrigan. Similar? Yes, very.
I had to go for this one. Both are large sized and appear happy (at least in the photos).
Transit Beliefs:
Rob Ford ended ‘Transit City’ Light Rail, favoring a much more expensive Heavy Rail line. Mr. Corrigan gets 2 Lines, about 16km, of Skytrain, and complains about paying for light rail and bus improvements SOF.
Never Stops complaining about Translink and Taxes, yet his gets the 2nd most bus service in Metro Vancouver. Complains and outlaws petty transit wires that go for 2 km on the outer limit of his city.
Corrigan: “No money for transit, No money for Translink, No property taxes, No gas taxes, No studies, No we will not help you Translink, No more transit improvements needed, Not helping Translink because they are run by Kevin Falcon, Translink is definitely corrupt, No more promising costly service upgrades, No more progress.”
No Nonsense and open government:
“Stop the Gravy Train!” But… the train has already left the station, and what is on the train is not gravy, rather it progress and city services.
Stop the Bike Lanes!
Enough Said.
Car Dependency:
Though Corrigan was vocally opposed to Gateway (like every other project by the Libs), within city control, the Mayor has created a city of cars and parks- parks that you drive to. Free parking can be found virtually everywhere in Burnaby, with the excess of cars the main reason for (in my opinion) the most congested city in Metro Vancouver.
There a need to explain R. Ford’s (like all people with the name ‘Ford’) preference for the automobile.
So Burnaby, maybe it’s time to reconsider your choice for Mayor.