The Case for a Pedestrian Street on Cambie

Cambie Street: Named After John Henry Cambie of the CPR
A six lane street stretching from the Burrard Inlet to the Fraser River.

Since the Canada Line, it has been the corridor in Vancouver that has received the most attention, the most criticism. ie. Construction affecting business, and the proposed developments at 33rd, Marine, and Georgia. Cambie is already the fastest growing corridor, with the most construction of any street in the last 5 years.

Time to think of new ideas. Time to change Vancouver. Pedestrianize Cambie Street.

As in the Map above, Cambie goes through more than 20 attractions. With the new developments coming, it may well be the densest corridor in Metro Vancouver.

Located in the Middle of Vancouver, it is the ideal street to remove from Cars. Just imagine daily events and cyclists and sunshine and people and kids. Time for Vancouver to catch up in the Urban Curve.

Gregor, do Vancouver a favour, and follow the great example of New York!