Surrey vs Vancouver- Overlapping maps

Many artists renderings like this one have been turned into reality, thanks to the rapid growth in BC’s Second Largest City -Surrey

As British Columbia’s second largest city grows, it must grow in a way that is sustainable, livable, and affordable. There are lessons to be learnt from the design of Vancouver, both good and bad.

Below is a comparison of Surrey and Vancouver.

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How to read the maps:

  • Vancouver is on the bottom, Surrey on the top.
  • Green lines:
    • The FTN of Surrey: 15/20 minutes or better all day weekdays, (Note the 501 operates 30 minute frequencies but for the purpose of this post is included.)
    • The VFTN (Very Frequent Transit Network) of Vancouver: 8 mins or better all day  weekdays
  • Orange lines: Highways
  • Purple, Red, Pink circles: Metro centres, Municipal/Community centres, Regional centres respectively

Interesting Comparisons:

  • The yellow line shows the zone boundaries of Vancouver. Interestingly, the same zones can be applied onto surrey.
  • Comparing Physical & Political Land uses
    -Surrey is bordered to the north with the Fraser River, and to the East, West and South with the Protected Agriculture belts.
    -Vancouver is Bordered to the North, South, and West by water, and to the east with the City of Burnaby.
  • Comparing Roads & Bridges:
    -Hwy 1 – Hwy 1
    -Port Mann – 2nd Narrows
    -41st Ave – 72nd Ave
    -Fraser Hwy – Kingsway
    -KG Blvd – Cambie
    -Lions Gate – Pattullo
    -Knight – 152nd Street.
    -Scott Rd – Granville St
    -104th St. – Hastings
    -Hwy 10 – Marine Dr.
  • Comparing the FTN to the VFTN:
    -Lions Gate Bridge Buses – SkyBridge Skytrain
    -#321 – Canada Line-Richmond
    -#351 – Sea Island Canada Line Section
    -#502 – Expo Line
    -#501 – Millennium Line
    -#345/375 – #3
    -#595/501 – #130
    -#340 – #41
  • Comparing the Centres
    -North Shore – New Westminster
    -UBC – East Richmond/North Delta
    -Richmond – White Rock
    -YVR – Ladner
    -Vancouver Centre – Surrey Centre
    -Walnut Grove – Brentwood
    -Coquitlam Centre – Lynn Valley Centre
    -Newton – Joyce/Collingwood
    -Scottsdale – Oakridge
  • Comparing the Cities:
    -It’s hard to envision it, but I believe that Surrey will grow up to be just like Vancouver not that long from now. As seen in the maps above, the 2 cities are built similarly, and Surrey will grow to be like Vancouver over time. There are lessons to be learnt from Vancouver’s design, and Surrey’s planners only need to look a few killometres away to learn what’s need to be done and how.

Last note: To find out more, you can review the ‘Transport 2040” Document. If you have not seen it yet, be sure to check out my comments about the differences in the 2 cities bus systems in my last post.