On November 19, VOTE!

It’s the 2008 elections in Vancouver:

600 thousand Vancouverites with 2/3 of us on the voters list.

33% of us were under 18, or couldn’t legally vote
Out of the eligible voters,
17% chose Gregor Robertson
12% chose Peter Ladner
2% chose Other Canidates

Guess who the canidate is for the light gray section.

But with an overwhelming landslide, 69% of all eligible voters, voted for: No one

Lets look at the numbers again: the current mayor was elected with the approval of only 11% of all people! That means that only 1 out of 9 of all the people voted for Robertson.
Seven out of 10 eligible voters didn’t cast a ballot.

As Vancouverites, we can do better than a less-than below fail. We can’t let Torontonians beat us by more than 10%, and Calgarians dominate us by more than 20%!

We have a second chance next Saturday. If you can’t make it on Saturday, there are many advance voting days. There is little reason not to vote.

Recently, in the overthrow of governments in the middle east and the protests around the world, the people are looking for freedom; freedom to vote, and freedom to express feelings. In Canada, we are lucky that we have the right to vote.

When election ballots are made and printed for 400 thousand of us, we should exercise that right to vote. If we spend more than 1800 hours working hard for our money every year, it can’t hurt to spend 1/2 an hour once every 3 years choosing how our money is spent.

On Saturday November 19, vote.