The Cost of a Community Shuttle

Recently, Nathan Pachal posted an FOI request online regarding the costs of Langley buses.
I decided to spin the numbers of the costs of one of the buses and this is what I got:

Total 2010 bus cost of C64 in 2010: $337321

After analyzing the C64 route schedule, I came up with the conclusion that the route is clearly a one bus loop between Willowbrook and Langley.

Now to calculate the total hours in 2010:
Mon-Fri: 15 hours/day * 261 days
Saturday: 13 hours/day * 52 days
Sunday: 10 hours/day * 52 days

With a total of 5111 hours in 2010.

After dividing the hours with the cost, I get a whole number!

The cost per hour of a community shuttle is $66.